Friday, 11 September 2009

Lamb or Mutton Do-Pyaza Recipe

This is the way my mum made Mutton Do pyaaza, the most amazing taste. The recipe originates in the kitchens of the Jaunpur regalty. The ruling class of Jaunpur were well known for their decadence, indulgence and sophisticated tastes in art, food and generally good things in life.
The part of my family from Jaunpur were Hindu land owners from Jaunpur, but their cooks were Muslims claiming descendence from the great Khansamas of the mughals. One such cook was Ibrahim Mia who was responsible for passing on some of these recipes to our family. Their cooking skills were an art form and their eccentricities no less than geniuses and artists. I dedicate these recipes and blog to all such cooks who loved their trade and took it to dizzying heights.

Lamb (Gosth) Do-pyaza (do=2; pyaz= onions)

Lamb 1 Kg
Onion 1.25 Kg - Sliced circular, perpendicular to the vertical axis - could use a slicer, it is important for the taste
Garlic 1 large bulb (all the cloves)
Ginger 1" piece
whole Red chilli 15 large ones (dont worry it wont be too hot) - broken roughly into big peices
Cloves 10-12
Whole black peppers 1 tsp
Cinnamon 1" x 4
Green Cardomom 9 (smashed not dissected)
Black Cardomom 7 (smashed not opened up - Just bash this and the above once with something heavy without splitting it completely)
Bay leaves 4
Oil - 10 Tbs (or more) (some would use just ghee, though would increase the amount of staturated fat)
Ghee 2 Tbs

Heat oil in p. cooker or a deep dish (casserole will do nicely, something with a good heavy lid)
Add bay leaves to oil, when crackles add all onion, garlic & ginger.
Fry for 10 mins (medium heat, without it sticking to bottom) keeping covered Keep removing the lid every few minutes
Add lamb (keep frying, just keeping covered and a few peeks to give it a stir to make sure nothing sticks to the bottom)
add salt to taste -
Add all the whole spices and chillies broken up.
Fry for about 20-30 mins depending on how well its cooking it needs to look slightly brownish and the oil should start seperating (the water should have evaporated)
Add ghee
Add hot water (depending on the consistency of the gravy desired
Cook for 20-30 min depending on how long it takes for the lamb to get tender.
Garnish with coriander/crispy Fried brown onion slices (optional)

Best served with rice/chapattis
Booze: Some nice red wine complements it really well. Most indians will however consume it with whiskey diluted with chilled sparkling water!

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